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”Trial” day 11

After nearly 5 hours delay, after tormenting the people there with an infinite wait the “judges” finally arrived.

They didn’t consider the Norwegian psychiatrist at all, so Joshua can’t expect any treatment. The Norwegian criminal police was not considered. They tried to angle their report to their own advantage. The Norwegian criminal police made it clear that the amount of sleeping pills in the blood was so small that even in combination with alcohol wouldn’t make a difference. The “judges” made that to be that he was drugged!

It was a pitiful display. To see these incompetent fools try to legitimize themselves with a lot of nonsense. You have to go to Congo to see this kind of incompetence! They talk about principles; there is only one principle that exists in Congo: “what can I make from this?”

I’m not happy to say: I told you so, but the result was exactly as I’ve said the whole time. This is not a court. This is a tribunal of thugs in a total corrupt system. It seems like some Norwegians still hasn’t understood it yet, but with this verdict it has to be clear to most people.

This verdict CAN’T for the love of God be appealed. It has to be declared criminal, because that’s what it is. These “judges” knows very well that it wasn’t a murder. They acted on general Ponde’s orders. Unfortunately for themselves they are very transparent.

Knut Moland, February 19th 2014