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Free French and Moland!

Riots in Kinshasa

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When i spoke with mom yesterday, Joshua was still in prison, so no hospital. I’ve not heard anything yet today.

Because of riots in Kinshasa these last days the authorities have closed the internet and text messages. It’s not so easy for mom to communicate with us in Norway. She hasn’t checked her email for days.

It’s also a curfew and mom has to stay indoors as much as possible. There is a recommendation to stay inside, but she has to go to the prison every day. 

I’ve also heard that there is no electricity, but that’s not unusual for her. We just have to hope it ends so the situation can be a little easier than it is now.

That’s all I know so far. I’m anxious to hear from her later today.


Hannah French, January 22nd 2015

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 January 2015 08:59

Joshua is better, but far from well

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This day turned out different than planned because of notice of demonstrations from the opposition party. Stores never opened or closed early. Students were sent home from school etc. The embassies sent our warnings. I left before 10 o’clock this morning to go to the prison so I didn’t see anyone else but guards. I’ve never seen so few people in the prison before. All the prisoners are locked in their departments. Since the missionary doctor couldn’t go to the prison until the afternoon today and there was a risk that the whole district of Gombe would be closed (so he couldn’t get home) I said I would go first and see how Joshua was doing and call the doctor if it was necessary. So I went back at noon. It was not as much traffic as usual because it was so deserted. I noticed it was only five visitors in the prison today. Joshua wasn’t worse but a little bit better so I agreed with the doctor that he wouldn’t risk going. Apparently they have used teargas already and there are rumors of shooting. I just got a text message that it is pretty bad in the city of the demonstrations.

Kari Hilde French, January 19th 2015

Last Updated on Monday, 19 January 2015 19:33

Missionary doctor

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Last night I was finally able to get a western missionary doctor who was willing to visit Joshua in prison. The prison management took care of everything for us so we got in to the prison without any trouble. After one of the guards opened about 8 locks on his way, we were finally in Joshua’s cell. The air is heavy with little possibilities of airing it out. The missionary doctor agreed with the prison doctor and an inmate who’s a doctor that it had to be malaria and luckily not the cerebral kind. I’m visiting Joshua now and again this afternoon. The western doctor will join me then.


Kari Hilde French, January 19th 2015

Last Updated on Monday, 19 January 2015 19:34

Joshua is sick

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Joshua is sick, probably malaria. It’s a struggle to find a doctor who will go and see him. An inmate who’s an educated doctor saw that something was wrong and reported it to the prison management. They didn’t call me or the embassy. We did once more point out the importance of calling us if there is something wrong.

Kari Hilde French, January 18th 2015

Last Updated on Monday, 19 January 2015 19:34

New Year’s cakes

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We are already well into the New Year. On Christmas Eve the seaman’s priest and I went to Joshua with 3 baskets of good food and presents. Then the seaman’s priest and I attended a beautiful Christmas service in English at the international protestant church. Then we ate a good meal in the apartment I borrowed from a Norwegian whilst he is on vacation. The seaman’s priest left on December 27th and I’ve been the only Norwegian outside the prison walls and Joshua the only Norwegian inside the prison walls for nine days. I’ve been so glad to live in this apartment through Christmas because the water was gone for two week during Christmas where I normally live.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 January 2015 19:35
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