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"I care about Joshua French"



We apologize for the seldom updates from Congo these days.

It’s because there is not much to write. Mom is still in Kinshasa, and is there for Joshua every day. Luckily she is allowed to spend more time with Joshua than before. Joshua is not well, but he eats every day and that’s a blessing. The foreign ministry assures us that they are working intensely to solve this case. We have to relate to that even though we don’t know or understand how they work.

Here in Norway the days pass as usual, the summer is here for a nice visit with sun and warm weather.

Anne Willumstad, one of the leaders of Joshua’s support group on Facebook made “Free Joshua French” wristbands and sold them. The money went to Joshua’s support account. This help has been very valuable. The black bracelets are now all sold out, but thanks to a very nice manufacturer she has ordered new bracelets with new text and a new color.

The text is “I care about Joshua French” and the color is light turquoise.

They can be ordered from Anne Willumstad by sending a text message with your address to: +47 992 40 270 or contact her on: Anne Willumstad – facebook

The wristband cost 2£ each (+ about 1£ for shipping).

A giro will be sent with the wristbands, but it is a Norwegian bank-account and it will therefore probably be easier to pay through PayPal. Please contact me for more info if that will be necessary.

All income will be used for Joshuas welfare. 

I want to thank Anne very much for everything she has done to help Joshua and us.

Hannah French, April 26th 2014