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”The trial”

And so the Congolese are at it again, with their circus, mess and delays. With interpreters that are not there, and disappears when you need them. Yelling and screaming.

We have prosecutor Nkulu who yells and waving his arms. It’s the whole package, very similar to the shows in Kisangani.

VG probably has an excellent man to comment the case, law professor Jo Stigen. I didn’t hear everything he said because of internet problems, but from what I heard in the beginning I was surprised that he didn’t get what was going on. That this is not a trial, but an act like the other “trials” was. Truth and a right verdict is not an issue, but everything is settled in advance by these military thugs. They don’t care about the truth, they have another agenda. Proof of innocence doesn’t matter to them, and they will make up anything as proof of guilt. It says everything that several lawyers in Kinshasa have been interviewed and nobody can remember a single case were someone has been acquitted! I think it’s almost impossible for Norwegian lawyers to understand that it’s possible to be as wrong as it is in Congo.

What’s positive in this case is the effort of the Norwegian criminal police. There is no doubt about that. They are at least 50 years ahead of Congo in technical investigation and they are not corrupt. That means that if Joshua is convicted everyone in Norway knows that it’s a criminal act by the military thugs in Congo.

If Gahr Støre understood that in 2009, that the verdicts back then was made by criminal elements in the Congolese army and hadn’t accepted any of the verdicts the situation would be totally different. Tjostolv would still be alive and this “trial” would never happen. This is what happens when there is more important with being political correct than health and human lives of our own citizens. I’m glad we now have a government that has a spine and that will eventually save Joshua’s life.

Knut Moland, January 24th 2014

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