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”The trial” day 4

The tragic comedy continues as expected. The judges forgot to call in the main witness, the Congolese coroner, and then they didn’t want to listen to the Norwegian criminal police either. The judge got a written report and that was apparently enough. We’ll have to see if they will let the Norwegian criminal police witness later.

The warden was clearly gotten his instructions. He lied as much as he could. The prosecutor claimed it was not true that they had been drinking alcohol and therefore dismissed the report of the Norwegian criminal police, were during the autopsy was noted an alcohol level of 2.7 per thousand. In other words he says that the Norwegian criminal police are lying. The defense should have argued that immediately, but he didn’t.

The whole “trial” is of course a show. The decision was made long before the “trial”. This is thugs and amateurs in everything they do and it’s ridiculously easy to reveal.

Now we got to see lawyer Aleuwa from Kisangani is going to witness. I wonder what he is going to say, he was in Kisangani. Lawyer Aleuwa is a thug and a giant asshole. He was the attorney for the widow and demanded a million dollars. Rune Edvardsen made a deal with the widow that she would get two houses when they were released. Now Aleuwa demands both houses and all of the settlement agreement for him. Beat that! He is a lawyer from hell. Apparently he has tried two cases in Kisangani already about this. I hope this asshole never see a single dollar.

These military thugs are responsible for Tjostolv Moland’s death and I curse them forever for that. It’s disgusting to see these thugs blame an innocent man for something they are responsible for. The only comfort is that creeps like this often are their own worst enemies.

Knut Moland, January 24th 2014

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