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”The trial” day 5

The contours of a premeditated miscarriage of justice are clear. I will be very surprised if the sentence is something other than guilty with a death sentence.

The Norwegian criminal police arrived after Tjostolv’s death, and they and the Congolese agreed, it was no murder. Then after many months they charged him. Why? Had the evidence changed? Of course not. The gang of thugs got together and agreed on the matter. The experts in Congo, the warden in the prison and others were told what to say. This is what we see now. The Norwegian coroner Stray-Pedersen presented a report in a pictorial way, and there is no question about thequestion of guilt. But does that help? You can’t win against a military junta whose mind is made up. Evidence means nothing to a criminal court. What chances had a Jew in a SS court or an oppositional in a KGB court? Zero percent chance.

The prosecutor is very much alike the actors from Kisangani, loud screaming and directly unintelligent comments and harassment of the Norwegian experts among others. He said he had a higher rang than Tom Luca. That idiot couldn’t get a higher rang than corporal in any other ambulatory military court system on the planet.

There is no doubt where this case is headed. Everyone in Norway knows that the Norwegian criminal police are right. The question is what Norway is going to do after this new miscarriage of justice. No country can accept this. Something has to happen one way or another.

Knut Moland, January 28th 2014

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