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”Trial” day 7

Today it was the defense day. He held a longer sum up, and had a lot of good points. Among others that the general who is also a toxicologist should have demanded 10 000 dollars, and he wondered if the prosecutor wanted money as well!

He made an interesting remark about the “trials” in Kisangani that he correctly thought was wrong. He spoke about the terror regime scaring witnesses to say what they wanted. He also made some good comments about the evidence that the prosecutor totally lacks. The Norwegian criminal police can prove that it was no murder. 

If Joshua is sentenced for murder here it has to be settled in advance, in others words PREMIDITATED MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE.

I’m afraid it will happen, but sincerely hope I’m wrong. 

If he is convicted when the Norwegian criminal police say without any doubt that it was NOT a murder, it is a verdict that can’t be accepted by Norwegian authorities. That has to be made clear. We have seen before that an appeal means nothing. It will just be months with waiting and a new “trial” with the same result and this goes on and on.

Joshua is living under very difficult conditions. There is many in the cell and always noise. He is struggling to sleep. He has no refrigerator now. That is working as long as his mother is there, but what happens when she has to leave? He can’t call either. This is not working; the foreign ministry has to get him out. They have to use all the positive or negative means necessary.

The prosecutor made a lot of nonsense in the end, but he had a point. If he is to be sent to Norway, it would have to mean the Congolese people in Norwegian prisons can be sent to Congo. I’m certain that both the foreign ministry and the justice minister will be positive to that. There are several Congolese in Norwegian prisons.


At the end of his statement today (day 7) prosecutor Nkulu said that he was convinced that if Moland’s family had been present in court today they would change their minds. 

No Nkulu. I was present, I saw everything live and NO, I haven’t changed my mind. Joshua is innocent and you military assholes are responsible for Tjostolv’s death. I will not stand for someone like you saying what my opinion is!

Knut Moland, February 5th 2014

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