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”Trial” day 8

Everyone thought the verdict was coming today. Instead a letter from the general council regarding Joshua’s health was presented. It’s hard to see what this has to do with the question of guilt, but the letter was discussed. Prosecutor Nkulu barked and screamed in his usual style. Then the verdict was postponed until Friday!

I think the judges haven’t written the verdict yet and used this as an excuse.

I think it has to be clear for everyone that whatever the verdict will be, the solution to this case is not in the “court” in Congo. The solution has to be political and diplomatic. An appeal will just lead to new months of waiting, a new nonsense trial and the same verdict and so on. We need to know that the defense wants this. He makes a lot of money on this! He will guarantee make new financial claims. It was the same with Kibambe in the Kisangani-cases. He got so much money in the end that he could buy a house in South Africa! It’s terrible to say it, but in Congo it’s stupid to be naïve. Everything we’ve seen in the Congo-case is unbelievable!

The letter contained as I understood it information about Joshua’s health, and that he is sick. Will they continue to let him sleep in the hall? Or in the cell with the people who beat him up, even when he is sick?

This cannot continue! And if Amnesty Norway will not get involved they should just stop the whole organization, then the organization in Norway stinks.

Knut Moland, February 11th 2014

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