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”Trial” day 9

There was supposed to be a verdict today. Instead they threw themselves into a dead-end discussion about the health report. They had a long discussion about a microphone! The prosecutor worked himself up to new highs, repeating himself over and over again without anyone stopping him. Then he goes into self-glorification and brags about how many books he has and his Facebook-page without anyone stopping him.

Then he goes into a rhetoric that is racist and nationalistic both about Norwegians and especially French, and keeps on demonizing him. Still no one is stopping him! He goes so far that he is a caricature of a prosecutor, and is acting like a fool. He doesn’t understanding himself. The judge doesn’t intervene because he has a lower grade than Nkulu and will not be arrested himself. One of the judges in Kisangani was arrested.

The defense has some good points, but he is going along with it. Why does he want to drag it out? Money. I guess he already has received a 6 figure amount from legal aid. They cost a fortune; we know that from Kibambe in Kisangani. I doubt it’s cheaper. I think he wants an appeal.

The verdict was written when they made up the indictment. The whole “trial” is totally meaningless. I’m surprised that a man like Professor Jo Teigen can’t see this, but of course he is careful not to say too much in his position.

Then there is this total contempt for other people’s money. They can’t even feed and medicate the prisoners and if French is sent to the hospital he has to pay for the hospital and the guards himself. But now they have to get two Norwegian doctors down there again because of a missing signature. What this cost doesn’t matter because they don’t pay anything. Earlier the “court” could only operate on Tuesday and Friday, but now all of a sudden they could meet on Monday. In the meantime French is probably lying on the floor, with no mosquito net and nothing to place his food on! The cruelty of this people has no limits.

It has to be clear to everyone. This case will NOT be solved in this corrupt court, not now, not ever. It has to be solved political and diplomatic.

Knut Moland, February 14th 2014

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