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”Trial” day 10

At the end of the last day in court the judges wanted the two Norwegian doctors that examined Joshua in January to come down and give a statement. It was short notice but they made it, until they arrived at the airport in Kinshasa. There one of them was rejected even though they had the same visas. This is pretty typical of Congo, mess and nonsense.

So in “court” today there was a big discussion about this report. The Norwegian psychiatrist thought Joshua had to be admitted to a hospital, but the Congolese didn’t think it was necessary. They all agreed that Joshua is sick.

This report came at the end of January, and the Congolese therapy has included Joshua being thrown into a cell with a lot of men. He was hit and beaten. Then he was placed out in the hall, where he lies on a thin mattress among rats and cockroaches, they have even taken his chair away from him. There is noise around the clock and very hot. This is the Congolese form of therapy!

 I watched the broadcast on VG and Nilas Johnsen talked many times that this and that is reassuring! In a “trial” from hell, where everything is settled in advance and the defendant is under a constant terror regime there is very difficult to find anything reassuring!

At the end Nkulu started his nonsense again. We all know that Joshua is innocent in Tjostolv’s death, and if he is sentenced on Wednesday there is a premeditated miscarriage of justice that can’t be taken seriously. It will be a pure political sentence and he is also sentenced to death as a spy already that also is a political sentence and a miscarriage of justice. A man who is exposed to this is clearly a political prisoner. This “trial from hell” in Congo has to end soon. Norway has to use every mean necessary and end this unworthy game.

Knut Moland, 17th february 2014

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