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Years of suffering in The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Will there be no end to our sufferings? On the 8th of May my son Joshua French has been incarcerated in Congolese prisons for 8 years. 

Joshuas friend, Tjostolv Moland, who was imprisoned in May 2009 as well, took his life in the prison cell in Ndolo prison in Kinshasa August 2013. Joshuas health has for more than three years on the whole been very bad. He has been admitted to hospital four times. The last time was in 2016 when he stayed in hospital for five and a half month. 

Joshua French is both a Norwegian and British national. The Foreign offices of these two countries have worked these years towards a prison transfer or a pardon. But so far without success. No other Western person has been a prisoner for this amount of time in a Central African country as Joshua French. Several Congolese authorities have tried to bring an end to the case, but so far without a solution. 

Throughout these years Joshuas strength and endurance has helped his family to never give up the fight to get him home. Support by thousands of people both in Norway and many other countries, including Congo, has enabled us to keep working for his release. We want to express our deep appreciation for all the support we have been given. We also want to give thanks to God who has kept Joshua alive in spite of him being close to death several times. The Moland family received their son home in a coffin. Our greatest wish is to get Joshua French home alive before it is too late.

Kari Hilde French, 8th of May 2017

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