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”Trial” day 6

Today we saw a long reading of documents. Several of the judges fell asleep, then a dispute between the prosecutor and the defense attorney. On the positive side I would have to say that the defense attorney was more active today and made some good points. Among others, that it’s up to the prosecutor to prove guilt, not to the defense to prove innocence. Apparently the prosecutor hasn’t understood that at all, and he knows of course that he can’t.

The prosecutors’ procedure was so incompetent that is was almost comic. Not that this came as a surprise, the prosecutors in Kisangani did the exact same. He made a big point about the benzodiazepines that with his argumentation proved that he doesn’t know what it is. Coroner Stray Pedersen said that the level of benzodiazepines in the urine was so small that it resembles a sleeping pill taken 3 or 4 days ago. Even in combination with alcohol it was irrelevant. The prosecutor couldn’t present any evidence of murder, but he ignored the Norwegian criminal police completely. 

With lack of evidence he started to bash Joshua. Claimed he is a dangerous man capable of school massacres!!!! And that he is someone who kills for sports!!!

Only a fool can come with these wild and totally questionable claims. The only surprise was that he claimed life in prison instead of the death penalty. Not that it matters much for a man with many death sentences as it is. 

In a normal trial the procedure would fall completely apart. I think that the defense will tear it apart. The procedure was not very intelligent. Unfortunately I’m afraid it will not help, that the sentence is made in advance. I hope I’m wrong.

Knut Moland, January 31st 2014

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