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Inmate to Inmate

Inmate to Inmate

July 2nd 2010: Rune Edvardsen and Mathilde Moland have visited the boys in prison this week. When they were visiting they also had organized for a doctor to stop by in cooperation with the project “Inmate to Inmate”, which is a project founded by Joshua and Tjostolv. Medication and help from a doctor was well appreciated in the prison, which now has been a lot better for the inmates than it was before. Joshua is working almost every day in his clinic with medication bought from “Inmate to Inmate”. If it wasn’t for the help you give this wouldn’t be possible. So thank you so much for all your contributions, it’s greatly appreciated. Here is a “taste” of what it’s like in the prison and what’s been done:

Medication delivered to the prison: Levering av medisiner til fengselet


Delivery of medication and a doctor who was on a two days visit in the prison on behalf of “Inmate to Inmate”:Overekkelse av medinsiner og en lege som var på besøk to dager på vegne av

An inmate getting help for his illness: Fange får hjelp av fanger hjelper fanger og dina

Joshua in action in his clinic: Joshua i aksjon

Posted by Hannah French, July 2nd 2010

Tjostolv and Joshua has seen a lot of suffering, violence, hunger and deaths the time they have so far spent in the prison. They have shared with their fellow prisoners from the small resources they have had. After a while the idea of a support account for prisoners was born. This idea has now been realised with the support account "Inmate to Inmate". The money on this account is being administrated and organized through Rune Edvardsens "Dina-foundation", who are already in Congo.
YOU can be a part of this! 

The money coming in on the "Inmate to Inmate" - account are only going to Joshua and Tjostolvs work to help other prisoners. This is mostly help to get in food and medicines, but has also brought working tools to cultivate the earth. The money are not being used on corruption. A lot of the money has allready been used, when Rune Edvardsen and the travel companions were in Kisangani. They brought in about 2 tonns of food supplies to Joshua and Tjostolvs fellow prisoners. (read more about that further down)

We are extremely grateful for all contributions.

To donate to the 'Inmate to Inmate' initiative, please use the PayPal link on the 'Donations' page, and specify 'Inmate to Inmate' on the donation form.

If you are in Norway, you can donate directly, by putting money into the following account:3080.33.19002

For our readers from abroad it is possible to help by giving to our paypal account: gauisus_puella @ hotmail. com

Over £1300 collected into the ”Inmate to Inmate” account at the support concert in Tvedestrand church. Read more under “articles”

Joshua and Tjostolv’s Christmas wish

Joshua and Tjostolv’s Christmas wish are board games like ludo and Chinese checkers for the inmates in 10 cells and a bar of soap to every inmate in the prison. (This will be 300-400 bars of soap).

You can be a part of making this happen by giving to the support account “Inmate to Inmate”.

Kari Hilde French, December 13th 2009

Food supplies to Joshua and Tjostolv’s inmates

YOU GIVERS were a part of giving 2 tons of food and supplies to the Osio-prison and the Central prison when Rune Edvardsen and Mathilde Moland were in Kisangani:

  • 20 sacks of rice
  • 20 sacks of beans
  • 10 x 20 liters’ of cooking oil
  • 100 kilograms of salt
  • 200 kilograms of sugar
  • 4 x 50 kilograms of dry milk
  • Proteins like sardines by the cases
  • Other types of fish
  • 50 choppers for agriculture
  • 50 machetes for agriculture

A big THANK YOU all of you

Kari Hilde French, November 16th 2009

Joshua got a letter delivered to his cell today. It’s written by a man who is dying in the prison and delivered by another inmate. The letter moved Joshua deeply. The mortal inmate begged him for some food. Joshua has some baguettes and some sardines (We’ve sent them some cans of sardines) he sent to the mortal inmate. The situation in the prison is very difficult. A lot of the inmates try to escape because they are so hungry. There are a lot of diseases and the hunger leads to a lot of turmoil and violence.

Kari Hilde French, November 2nd 2009

Below you will find information written by Rune Edvardsen. It is his organization who will manage and find the best use of the help from the support account “Inmate to Inmate in Congo”. We hope to collect enough so that it will make a difference for everyone in different prisons in Kisangani. In the Central prison where the boys are there is also a women’s ward. There are small children there as well who are there with their mothers in prison. They live under very unworthy and inhuman conditions. On the other side of the Congo River is the infamous Osio-prison with hundreds of inmates. We are also familiar with the military prison where Joshua and Tjostolv were incarcerated in the beginning. It’s possible that there are other prisons as well who can benefit from the help we want to give. We need to find out more. There are some problems with the arrangement. It’s important to show that it’s Tjostolv and Joshua who initiated the help for their inmates. At the same time the people in Kisangani can’t think that they have a lot of money, so they can pay the enormous settlements they demand from them.


This peoples’ gift is a good example on how democracy works.

The humanity and human rights of two regular Norwegians are so important that Norwegian authority and others in our nation have done a lot to help them in different ways. BUT, the people of our nation also see that the Congolese people need humanity. This humanity also applies to Congolese who have raped or murdered, or are incarcerated for other reasons. These people have a right to their human rights being maintained as well. This is not the case in Congo. But we can give the authorities and the churches (who really make a difference in Congo) a helping hand and inspiration to work for basic human rights also applies for prisoners through our giving spirit. Inmate to Inmate is a concept the guys thought of after being in prison in Kisangani. We support their idea with all of our hearts.  

This is the organization where Inmate to Inmate will be included, and that Rune Edvardsen is responsible for. He has been helpful in developing Inmate to Inmate.

Kari Hilde French October 24th 2009

My meeting with Moland and French

By Rune Edvardsen

In May I was told about two Norwegians who were in prison in Kisangani for the murder of a driver. I started investigating right away through different contacts I have in Congo. Then the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation called and asked me my opinion about the legal process and the prisons in Congo. After the story was aired several of Tjostolv and Joshua’s family members called me and we decided that I should go and visit the boys in Kisangani the next week.

This is how I got involved in this case and I’ve followed it closely. After the visit in May I’ve made it my point to inform President Kabila and the central authorities what’s happening. Through cooperating with people in the legal system, the investigators and other authority figures I think I know a lot about this case. I feel that the case will change significantly when it’s transferred to the capital Kinshasa.

The question of guilt is up to the court to judge, but then the sentence has to be fair. This is what I’m working for, and to keep the relations between Norway and Congo in the right focus.

Joshua and Tjostolv have been in Africa long enough that it’s obvious that they care about the people there. They think about the prisoners who live under tragic conditions. They see the political aspects that I myself have seen, the unworthy conditions the pygmies live under etc. They have Africa under their skin. Congo is a raped nation. I help thousands of children in this country and I work with peace and atonement.

See the link to the Dina Foundation:

I’ve met the widow and her children and the killed man’s family. We’ve helped them since May when I visited the boys in prison. They are the victims of a tragedy. The money claims in this case have placed a lot of the human aspects in the background. We have to work for a fair trial and to help the ones who are affected and hurt.

This world here is unknown for most Norwegians, but it exists just a few hours away. Maybe some good can come from this case, we working together for the rights of the individuals. That everyone has the same value no matter where they were born and live in this world.


Rune Edvardsen October 24th 2009

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