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Inmate to Inmate

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Tjostolv and Joshua has seen a lot of suffering, violence, hunger and deaths the time they have so far spent in the prison. They have shared with their fellow prisoners from the small resources they have had. After a while the idea of a support account for prisoners was born. This idea has now been realised with the support account "Inmate to Inmate". The money on this account is being administrated and organized through Rune Edvardsens "Dina-foundation", who are already in Congo.
YOU can be a part of this!

 Amount raised for the 'Inmate to Inmate' initiative:

As of 18.12.2009: 78,704 NOK (Whereas 15784NOK came from the supporting concert)
As of 15.12.2009: 62,720 NOK
As of 10.12.2009: 60,470 NOK
As of 01.12.2009: 60,420 NOK
As of 01.12.2009: 60,220 NOK
As of 30.11.2009: 59,520 NOK
As of 27.11.2009: 58,700 NOK
As of 25.11.2009: 58,150 NOK
As of 23.11.2009: 56,550 NOK
As of 19.11.2009: 56,050 NOK
As of 16.11.2009: 55,350 NOK
As of 13.11.2009: 54,950 NOK
As of 12.11.2009: 53,250 NOK
As of 11.11.2009: 52,000 NOK
 As of 10.11.2009: 49,500 NOK
 As of 09.11.2009: 48,000 NOK
 As of 04.11.2009: 35,000 NOK
 As of 28.10.2009: 20,500 NOK
 There will be updates, come in and have a look ones in a while.

We are extremely grateful for all contributions.

To donate to the 'Inmate to Inmate' initiative, please use the PayPal link on the 'Donations' page, and specify 'Inmate to Inmate' on the donation form.

If you are in Norway, you can donate directly, by putting money into the following account:



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