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We have gotten ourselves a new web-site!! The reason for this is that this is an easier tool for us in the families to use, also there is a possibility for an english version, something we want to take advantage of. There are many out there that has asked us for an english version of the web-site.

What's new?

  • Joshua has written about what human rights he has felt been broken during is arrest, and imprissonement in Congo. This can be read under "The Case".
  • We have published a written interview that Furuholmen (the Norwegien lawyer) had with the three guys who was on the "training video". This interview proves a lot of mistakes written in VG about the training and the participants. You can read more under "articles".
  • There has been written a lot in the media about "the book" that Joshua has sent to us, which will be published here. This is not a bookscript as someone wrote, but some notes written in a notebook. The press has called us and asked us a lot about when this will be published. It is not long ago since we got the notebook, and we are still working on getting it written on the PC. We have not yet decided when this will be published, but it will come. We hope you have patience with us.

Also this web-site is all new to us. So if there are any spelling errors, or text written up strangely, or being moved around, you must have us excused. We are not proffecional web-designers, butu we will anyways try to provide for you information that may not be found any other place.

Other than that you are welcome to surfe around on the different buttons, things might not be on the same places as before. Also we now have personal bloggs, so you can look at each one, or all lat the same time.

Finally I want to thank you all for the support you have shown to us. There had been about 200 support e-mails when Mathilde went to Congo. After this there has come around 200 more! Thanks again.

Hannah French 20. november 2009


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