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News from Congo

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We heard from Kisangani today, via SMS and the media, about the nice afternoon with a church service for all inmates and those visiting from Norway, including members of the Norwegian press.  The Bishop of Kisangani led the service.  Have heard reports that in particular, the song in Kiswahili was very gripping.  Sunday is visitors day in the Central Prison, so many fellow inmates had their relatives stopping by as well.  Rune Edvardsen had arranged for foodstuffs to be given to the inmates, from the donations given to 'Inmate to Inmate.'  This was brought to the Central Prison.  Yesterday, inmates in the notorious Osio jail were given sacks of rice, beans, oil, dried milk, etc.  They also got gardening equipment to be able to cultivate their own food, as well as medicines and a few footballs.  How much food was given to the Central Prison I'm not sure, but I know we'll find out later.

Unfortunately, Mathilde didn't get much time with Tjostolv before she was told to leave the prison, but was allowed to come back later that day.  Others, amongst them the press corps, were allowed to stay longer in the morning.  The Norwegian doctor, Terje Erlid, also visited Joshua and Tjostolv and sends a report to the Foreign Ministry about the boys' state of health.  As far as I know, Dr Erlid was also able to treat some of Joshua and Tjostolv's fellow inmates.

Rune Edvardsen has had good meetings with the deputy governor and mayor in Kisangani.  He had pre-arranged prison visits with the Ministry of Justice.

Joshua was interviewed by the Norwegian press and informed them, among other things, that Tjostolv nearly died of malaria.

Kari Hilde French, 15th November 2009

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