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2 tonnes of foodstuffs = 16th November 2009

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Approximately 2 tonnes of foodstuffs have been given to prisoners of Osio Prison, which is outside Kisangani town, and to fellow prisoners of Joshua and Tjostolv in the Central Prison.  These foodstuffs were bought with money that has been donated to the 'Fanger hjelper Fanger' (Inmate to Inmate) account.

Today, the delegation that Rune Edvardsen was with left to continue their journey.  Mathilde Moland and Dr Fjær are on their way to Europe.  There has been a lot of media coverage of Mathilde's journey and meeting with Tjostolv.  This is of course very tiring, but it has been good for son and mother to meet.  By the way, Colonel Wavara was very satisfied that he got Tjostolv's beret that his mother had taken with her from Norway.

The lawyer Marius Dietrichson, who is in Kisangani to support the boys and to give advice, is no longer allowed to meet them.  In fact, he has been accused of having tried to climb over the prison wall on Saturday night.  The military have accused Furuholmen and the local lawyer of having poisoned Torstolv when he was sick with malaria.  (Furuholmen was already back in Norway.)  Now they don't want a repeat: i.e. that Dietrichson might try to poison Moland!  This tells you a little about the difficult situation down there.  The level of security is therefore increased.

When Dietrichson was in a meeting with the leader for the military tribunal, he saw the letters Tjostolv was supposed to have written with the secretary.  There are in fact two letters, not just one.  Tjostolv only remembers writing that he was sad that the widow has lost her husband, but that he didn't know who had killed the driver.  These letters, as far as we know, were written under duress.

Kari Hilde French, 16th November 2009

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