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Knut Moland - 15 November 2009

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Talked to Mathilde on the phone last night and earlier today.

She had a very positive meeting with Tjostolv and Joshua yesterday.  She should also have gone in during the afternoon, but a Mercedes carrying a colonel arrived and denied her entry.  But she thought she could come in today.  Tjostolv was extremely roughly treated in the hospital and probably given wrong medicine.  The injections left him like a pin cushion.  He is a lot better now, psychologically as well.  There are long periods he can't remember.  It was of course, the court that compelled his hospitalisation.  For this 'treatment', we got a bill for over USD2000.  That will of course not be paid.  If we paid it, the next one would be for transport, court hire, rent of speakers, cost of living for the judges, salary and expenses, etc.  If they want to 'play court case', and that's what they're doing, then they can also pay the costs.

'Evidence' in this 'court' is only the type that implicates the accused.  We reckon that those that are reading this, also read in VG [Norwegian tabloid] how they discussed the shotgun.  Could it be any more stupid?

If they had been bothered to test-shoot the shotgun on paper and a melon, then they'd see the shot spread immediately; it's so amateur, it's almost sad.  There were two letters: the false one with false signature, and the one where he says he didn't kill the driver.    The one where he says he killed the driver, with a forged signature, was presented to the court - the other one was not.  The defence team were of course denied access to the letters.  It's obvious that they MUST be convicted, or there won't be money for anyone!  They imagine that they'll receive 'millions', but how do they think the boys are going to obtain them in the first place?  If they die in prison, they won't get a single dollar.  Do they think they can kill people, or let them die of illnesses, and then get millions for it?  You wouldn't have thought it was possible to be that stupid.

The judge asked French on Thursday if he thought that the court was made up of children.  He could of course not answer, but I can.  Yes, in fact:  it is the way they act, think and present evidence like children in a play court.  Not even like teenagers, but more like 12 year-olds.  This is colonels, majors and lawyers: the upper echelons of society down there.  You don't need to be a prophet to predict the future down there!

Knut Moland, 15th November 2009



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